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Naturally Slim™ is rebranding to Wondr Health™. And it's everything you love about NS and more…

Our program has always been about much more than weight loss. We teach skills that help people sleep better, move more, stress less, and so much more. The name Naturally Slim was never meant to be about a specific body type. We’re a program built for everyone and anyone. So, we’ve made changes to better live out that mission and our values.

What's changing:

  • Our name
  • Our branding (colors, imagery, etc.)
  • More instructors
  • More inclusivity

What's not changing:

  • Science-based and data-backed curriculum
  • Close-knit community of participants and coaches
  • 100% digital program
  • Results that last

Instructors, Todd Whitthorne and Dr. Dana Labat, MA, PhD, share an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look into the making of Wondr Health:


What to expect, boiled down.

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A sense of belonging and community while staying true to what makes us all unique.

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Aspiration & inspiration

Become a healthier you—without losing the things you enjoy and love.

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Created and taught by our team of expert clinicians.

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Science-based results

Clinically proven to deliver weight loss and overall health improvement that lasts.

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Everything you need to know about the rebrand.

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Why we're rebranding

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Rebrand FAQs


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We have more exciting details we'll be sharing about our new brand and want to invite people who are as passionate about whole-body health as we are to get involved from the ground up. Sign up to stay in the know.


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More about Naturally Slim (soon to be Wondr Health).

Naturally Slim (soon to be Wondr Health) is an online program that teaches clinically-proven, healthy habits that lead to less stress, better sleep, weight loss, and more—no restrictive diets, calorie-counting, or specialty foods required. With our program, you’ll learn to change when and how you eat, not what you eat, so you can improve your physical and mental health while eating the foods you love.


I’m into it. How can I get involved?

We’re so glad you asked. Celebrating our participants is at the core of our new brand. We’ve pulled in participants like Cheryl, Chaz, and others across the country to be featured in our new brand. Sign up for more information on how you can share your story.

Chaz N
Lost 77 lbs | Gained Energy
Chaz learned skills in the program to practice more mindful eating, so when coupled with his active lifestyle, he saw great results.


Jan G
Lost 33 lbs | Gained Confidence
Jan improved her mental outlook by understanding the mind-body connection learned through program principles. Her confidence is stronger than ever.


Joe R
Lost 60+ lbs | Gained Connection
Joe found that the program’s principles supported him through tougher times during the pandemic, and he gained more connection with his colleagues as they went through the program together.

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