With everything going on around us, it's more important than ever to focus on you and your health (both physical and mental). We’ve developed the resources below to help you thrive (and not just survive) in this time of uncertainty. Things like managing stress and anxiety, avoiding mindless snacking, staying on track with health and weight loss goals, keeping physically active without gym access, and so much more.
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NEW! Video: 90 Seconds with Dr. Labat - Anticipation

Dr. Labat breaks down the difference between anticipation and anxiety in this 90-second overview.

Video: 90 Seconds with Todd - Vitamin D Part 3

Todd answers what to do if your Vitamin D levels are low and how to get more of the “Sunshine Vitamin."

NEW! Video: 90 Seconds with Dr. Gilliland - Stress “Mileage”

Dr. Gilliland connects the surprising similarities between stress and gas mileage.

NEW! Video: 90 Seconds with Dr. Labat - Mindfulness and Meditation

Dr. Labat shares tips on practicing mindfulness and mediation throughout the day and why it's important.

Video: 90 Seconds with Todd - Vitamin D Part 2

Todd gives advice on how to find out if your Vitamin D status is low.

NEW! Video: 90 Seconds with Dr. Gilliland - Alcohol Consumption Management

Dr. Gilliland discusses the slippery slope of alcohol consumption.

Video: 90 Seconds with Todd - Vitamin D Part 1

Vitamin D plays a huge role in overall health. Todd explains where to get it, how to get it, and why to get it.

NEW! Video: 90 Seconds with Dr. Labat - Mental Fatigue: Controlling Emotions Part 2

Dr. Labat talks through how to change our mindset in uncontrollable circumstances.

NEW! Video: 90 Seconds with Dr. Labat - Mental Fatigue: Controlling Emotions

Dr. Labat reminds us that we do have the power to make changes in our circumstances.

NEW! Blog: Food Cents

Tips to save money on your grocery bills and food budget. We did the math, and it just makes sense (or cents).

NEW! Video: 90 Seconds with Dr. Gilliland - Sleep is Power

Dr. Gilliland explains the benefits of recharging your body, mentally and physically, with a goodnight’s sleep.

NEW! Blog: How Community Makes Us Healthier

Connecting with others means living a longer, better life. Science says!

Video: 90 Seconds with Meridan - Gratitude

Meridan Zerner shares the ways gratitude can be a powerful tool for both mental and physical health.

NEW! Blog: Anchor Points

When tides change, ground yourself in the habits that keep you strong.

NEW! Blog: Mental Fatigue

Tips and tools to help get you out of a mental funk.

NEW! Finding New Positives

Positive habits NS team members have developed and how you can add them to your routine, too.

NEW! Coach Yourself Calm

How to keep calm in times of intense stress.

NEW! Blog: Keeping Kids Entertained

10 ways to entertain your kiddos while working from home.

Video: 90 Seconds with Dr. Gilliland - What Triggers You to Drink Alcohol

Dr. Gilliland explains the seemingly unpredictable reasons behind why we consume alcohol.

Video: 90 Seconds with Dr. Labat - Connection

Tips on how to connect with others in the age of social distancing.

NEW! Blog: Finding (and Keeping) the Silver Linings

How to build resilience by reflecting on what you’ve learned during social distancing.

Video: Managing Grief During This Time

Tips on recognizing and managing grief during periods of uncertainty.

Video: 90 Seconds to Reduce Anxiety

Reduce your anxiety in just 90 seconds with these breathing techniques.

Blog: Choose Action Over Intention

How Naturally Slim can help you turn this moment into an opportunity.

Focus on What You Can Control

3 things you can hold onto when your world's shaken up.


Don't Fret. Break a Sweat.

How to stay active while social distancing (no gym required).


How Not to Fall Off the Wagon

Six tips to stay on track with your health goals.

NEW! Weight Loss Roadblocks

We're sharing the top 5 roadblocks to weight loss and how to overcome them.

The Secret Sauce of Naturally Slim

Tips to help you come out of social distancing healthier than before.   

Blog: Treat Yo' Self

Top 10 things you can do at home to treat yo’ self with no snacks necessary.

Blog: Resilience in Times of Turmoil

Learn how establishing intentional routines and self-care habits can ease your stress during this time.

Worksheet: Find Your Why

Fill out this worksheet to help you identify (or remind yourself of) your "why".

Blog: Self-Care Doesn't Have to Cost a Thing

9 ways to relax without spending a cent.

Give us Ten Weeks

There's a lot going on in the world. But, right now is the time to start making progress toward health goals.

Take Care of You

Helping your body stay healthy increases your quality of life, mind, work, and more.

Tips on Staying Grounded

A few strategies to stay grounded in times of uncertainty.

Flyer: COVID-19 Readiness

This flyer details Naturally Slim's COVID-19 readiness.

Blog: Sometimes it's Great to Start Late

It's never too late to start going after what you want in life—especially when it means a better you! 

Video: 90 Seconds on Combating Loneliness

How to combat loneliness despite social distancing.

Blog: 4 Reasons Why

4 reasons why now is actually the best time to start Naturally Slim.

Video: 90 Seconds with Dr. Labat - How Are You Feeling?

In case no one's told you yet today, it's OK to share your feelings.

Blog: Strengthen Your Immune System

Simple ways to help your body fight off illness and disease.

Blog: Intentions

With all that's going on around us, what better time to refocus on you than now?

Video: 90 Seconds with Kevin - Alcohol Management (Part 1)

Dr. Kevin Gilliland offers reflective questions to find out what role alcohol is playing in our lives in this season.

Video: 90 Seconds with Kevin - Alcohol Management (Part 2)

Dr. Gilliland reminds us what one drink actually looks like and how staying mindful is key.

Video: 90 Seconds with Dr. Labat - Managing Mental Fatigue

Feeling drained? Dr. Labat teaches us strategies to manage our fatigue.

Video: 90 Seconds to Better Sleep - 3 Golden Rules

Follow these 3 rules to get your best night's sleep.

Video: Keep Moving - Quick tip on staying active while at home

A quick tip from Dr. Tim Church on staying active while at home.

Video: 90 Seconds to Better Sleep - Power Naps

Learn how to power nap like a pro with our sleep expert Dr. James Maas.

Video: Stay strong - Strategies to Support Your Immune System

Todd Whitthorne walks through strategies that can help your immune system.

Video: 90 Seconds with Dr. Labat - Coping with Change

Strategies for managing the changes you're experiencing right now.

Video: Personal Time as a Vital Need

90 Seconds with Dana: Making personal time a priority.

Video: Keep Exercising

90 Seconds with Todd: Just keep moving.

Video: 90 Seconds with Meridan: Foods to Support Your Immune System

Dietitian/Nutritionist, Meridan Zerner shares which nutrient-packed foods can help support your immune system.

Video: 90 Seconds with Dr. Labat - Dealing with Stress

Dr. Dana Labat walks through a simple tool to help deal with stress during this time.

Video: 90 Seconds to Positive Thinking

A note on gratitude from Todd.

Video: 90 Seconds with Dr. Labat - Managing Saboteurs in the Age of COVID

Here's Dr. Labat to remind you to stick to your goals through this time and all of life's challenges.

Video: 90 Seconds with Dr. Labat - Revisit Your Vital Needs

As the situation around us continues to change, your vital needs might, too. Check out advice from Dana Labat on managing new vital needs.

Video: Activity Tip with Dr. Church - Break Up the Sitting

Dr. Church shares the secret on how often you should be standing up during the day. (Hint: there IS a magic number.)

Video: 90 Seconds with Meridan Zerner - Importance of Routine

NS Instructor and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Meridan Zerner shares the importance of maintaining routine during times of stress.

Video: 90 Seconds with Dr. Labat - RAIN in the Real World

Dr. Labat shares how she uses RAIN in her life.


Curated from major news outlets, we’re sharing the most fascinating and inspirational takes on the COVID-19 situation.

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Cutting down on negative behaviors, such as excessive alcohol consumption or overeating, and focusing on coping skills, are game-changers. We agree!

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Employers need to have a game plan now for returning to work after coronavirus.

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Studies now show the link between obesity and Coronavirus.

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How to strengthen your immunity during the Coronavirus pandemic. Part 1: Diet.

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That discomfort you're feeling is grief.

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How to stay fit when the gym is closed and you are stuck at home.

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5 tips for staying productive and mentally healthy while you're working from home.